Photographer Aaron Stern Launches New Book

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  • 7 Years ago
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I Woke Up in My Clothes is a visual narrative from American photographer Aaron Stern, whose images have appeared in publications like Dazed & Confused, The New York Times: T Magazine, and L’Officiel Hommes.

His book captures lost moments of intimacy and shattered landscapes ranging from Rockaway Beach after Hurricane Sandy to fleeting appearances by friends to the empty lots on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles.

Collectively, these photographs are the artist’s attempt to capture a worldview that life consists of periods of positive connections that punctuate the isolation of modern existence and the inevitable decay that faces all human endeavors.

Photographed on 35mm and medium- format film from 2007-2013, I Woke Up in My Clothes includes is an insiders look through Sterns’ lens.

AS_Shell 002

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