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RGIII’s Alleged Mistress Exposes His “Imprint” Pics & Cheating Texts!

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 photo rg36_zpsa0dbb664.png

When will these ball players ever learn. Redskins QB Robert Griffin, III has “allegedly” been caught cheating…and he’s been married for less than a month!

In case you missed it, Heisman trophy winner and NFL star RGIII just got put on blast by his “alleged” mistress.  And by “alleged”, we mean WE believe all this ish is true.  The top pic is a bit suspect, but the one below looks very much like RGIII.  So for legal reasons (and in case she pulled off an incredible photoshopping job)….

 photo rg37_zps72d852d6.png

The alleged mistress’ name is Meredith Barber and she’s a college girl who goes to VCU.  Not only does she claim she and RG have been facetiming, discussing when they would have sex, and sharing inappropriate pics (all of which she provided proof of), but she also claims RG sent her “penis imprint” pics ON HIS WEDDING DAY!


RGIII, who usually comes off as the “good kid” of the NFL, has been exposed with pics and more.


 photo robert3_zpsb4819f3a.jpg

Meredith sent the info to the site BustedCoverage.com to seek out money for the full story.  These chicks plot to expose you for cash from the first time you contact them for some ass fellas.  Please learn the game.

Meanwhile, she posted pics of her jewelry she hinted that RG bought her as well:

 photo cheat7_zpscec208a0.png

GASP.  His behind went to JARED?  This just got real.


So when Meredith contacted the site begging for compensation for her cheating story, she sent pics that HE sent her–of his package.

 photo rg34_zpsf67da4ba.png

And when Merdith cut off negotiations when the site offered $500, they went ahead and published her thirsty emails:

 photo rg31_zpse707a6f9.png

Apparently, she believed some of their original article was “incorrect” and wanted to correct them.  With the real info.  Of course.

She also sent this foolery:

 photo robgertcheatsa_zps93bbcf90.jpg

RG begging to “see” her…while sending a pic of his bare stomach.  And if you notice the date, it was the morning of his damn wedding to Becky!  How painfully basic of him.

You know what, we’re done here.


SOURCE: theybf.com

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