Ryan Leslie Reveals How He Built His Startup

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On July 15, Ryan Leslie is going to share his technology solution project named Disruptive Multimedia, which he has funded and put the majority of his efforts and energy into over the past year and a half. Leslie has already used it to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit. Recording artists such as 50 Cent, Raphael Saadiq, and Talib Kweli use Disruptive Multimedia to connect with their fans directly.

Leslie’s innovation and passion for technology was recently mentioned at the international creative communications awards show, Cannes Lions, by Kanye West noting, “There is only like three guys who I think could work like that, and that’s Ryan Leslie, me and Will.I.Am, because we care about it. We’re inside of it.”

For the first time, Ryan Leslie will break down the strategies and tactics behind:

· How he recruits and manages a team spread around the world

· How he compels beta users to the point that they’ll pay to sign up for his platform

· How and why he is crowdsourcing his next album

· Why he chose not to sell his most recent album on iTunes or through another intermediary

· How he used existing technology platforms such as Twilio and Shopify to create a new solution

· Tools and tricks he uses to make the most of his time

· How he used his influence and expertise in the music industry to transition into the technology community

Who is it for?

· Recording Artists – Release your art directly to fans, without label intervention

· Marketing/PR Professionals – Help your clients connect with fans directly and earn their attention more effectively than through social media or traditional channels

· Recording Executives – Learn how to keep client data that was previously only accessible to intermediaries such as iTunes and TicketMaster

· Managers – Help your artist earn and retain a larger portion of their profits

The event, hosted by The Phat Startup at AlleyNYC, will also include one-on-one Q&A opportunities, a chance to pitch ideas to Ryan Leslie for potential investment, networking, a meet & greet, and a chance to win one of two premium DMM memberships (valued at $3,500 each).

Attendance will be limited to 100 tickets. There will be no additional tickets sold. Visit the #Renegades membership club (http://www.renegadesnyc.com/products/ryan-leslie-at-the-phat-startup) to purchase tickets now.

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  1. Kanye west did speak very highly of dude

  2. R Les is a musical genius who gets slept on

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