• ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ On Adult Swim: TV Review

    Mike Tyson Mysteries should not disappoint the Adult Swim audience, or anyone who tunes in out of curiosity. The series’ humor is both audacious and intelligent, and the combination of that familiar Warner Bros. animation style coupled with modern references (all through a sendup of the style’s original formulas) leaves no mystery for Mike to […]
    • by Yoey
    • 8 Years ago
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  • Kevin McLin Jr. Presents The Animation Show “Dirty Spring University”

    Dirty Spring University revolves around Clifford and Bee Black, college freshmen along with their roommate/career student Pretty Tony with his foul mouthed bird. Throughout their journey we witness their wacky trials and tribulations in college. Along with other friends and teachers to add to the journey of “What College Life is?” The voices are Mark […]
    • by Yoey
    • 9 Years ago
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