• Houston Texans Cheerleaders Celebrate Win By Doing Shmoney Dance (Video)

    The Houston Texans cheerleaders had some fun with a victory celebration. Following the Texans victory over Redskins last sunday, the Houston Texans cheerleaders celebrated the teams win by doing Bobby Shmurda’s famous “Shmoney Dance”. see it below..  
    • by Yoey
    • 8 Years ago
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  • Check Out New Brooklyn Nets Cheerleader’s Uniforms

    Designer David Dalrymple who also designed for the old New Jersey Nets cheerleaders now has designed look for the Brooklynettes.. According to Dalrymple his thoughts was to make this uniform more edgy to fit the elements of Brooklyn..I personally think this looks cheap and horrible but what do you think Ladies?  
    • by Yoey
    • 10 Years ago
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