• Gamer Talk: Kratos: A Breath of Norse Air

    Written By: Jaamal O’Neal As of late, the gaming industry has made countless headlines in mainstream media. From the dicey handling of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II, with loot boxes and pay-to-win scheming; to Epic’s Fortnite free-to-play Battle Royale sensation. Yet the industry could not be more divided than this moment in history. Single-player story […]
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    • 5 Years ago
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  • Sony Unveils The Playstation Vita TV

    Aside from adding the PlayStation 4 to their family of gaming systems, Sony is set to debut PlayStation Vita TV. The official announcement was made at the SCEJA Press Conference and it was a surprise to hear. The Vita TV system is a portable device that connects to the television. With the Vita TV system, users can […]
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    • 9 Years ago
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