The Cookie Jar Radio Show Announces “The Grapevine” As a New Segment

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  • 9 Years ago
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The Cookie Jar got its start on Real Talk Radio as a segment in October ’09 on crescent city radio…The cookie jar  quickly became real popular because of the realness, & relatable life encounters that were offered By Jus Cookie (photo above)..Realizing the success of the segment host Jus Cookie birth her own show on June 20,2011..The Cookie Jar radio show soon owned Monday night’s talk radio.. Reaching listeners all over the world.. The show offered the same format as the once segment but more. It now featured a different guest DJ weekly, hot interviews from the latest, greatest, unseen, unheard & unforgotten entertainers around.

Now, The Cookie Jar is looking to take on a whole new light…it’s expansion time. Jus Cookie realizes early on that all of the greats in radio before her were backed by an even greater team. Cookie announces adding on a segment of The Grapevine with #MyhellofaLife’s very own Purplator (photo above) where she will bring her witty humor, entertainment and gossip news to the show..

Also The Cookie Jar will welcome Mark Caesar (Piss Yo Pants Comedy) & Paige Allyn (P.O.E People), and a returning segment #RealRant w/ Kevin Griffin of 2-Cent Tv ..With this expansion of co-hosts…new segments…hot topics…dope music…great production & of course classic interviews..Cookie Jar will continue to be the place you need to tune into each and every Monday Night.. Starting Monday Nov 5th. 

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