The Fashion World Welcomes Newcomer K. Nicole Couture

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The Fashion World Welcomes Newcomer K. Nicole Couture

As the seasons prepare for a turn, the fashion world brings in the fall season with its newest addition, K. Nicole Couture. The innovative fashion line is the brainchild of designers Kera Anderson and Nicole Styer, both Pennsylvania natives. The duo has set out to create a line that offers a mixture of ready-to-wear and couture pieces, with its tasteful selections of Italian prints and other luxury textiles. Wrapping up the summer season, Anderson and Styer have a completed collection that they are ready to debut to the fashion circle.

Styer is the owner of N.R.S. Boutique, a one-of-a-kind clothing and accessory stop located in the heart of South Philadelphia. Her boutique venture comes as a direct result of her artsy upbringing, which later was followed up by Styer pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fibers and Crafts from the University of the Arts. Styer’s counterpart, Kera Anderson, developed a close relationship with Styer after frequenting N.R.S. Boutique, always requesting custom-made pieces that were for her own closet. But Anderson has a sort of fashion experience that is not shaped by design schooling, but rather a gift she dubs as an “eye for fashion.” She has the ability to recognize plush textiles and envision them crafted as jackets or jumpsuits.

“Whenever Nicole and I go fabric hunting, as soon as I walk in the store I know which fabrics work best, how they could be worn, where they are from, etcetera. It’s like having a sixth sense,” Anderson jokes.
Anderson and Styer have come together to create a line accommodating to the everyday working woman, the boss stepping out of the Town Car, or simply the woman who appreciates sophisticated style. The line vows to remain true to femininity but with a slight integration of edge with the designers drawing inspiration from 16th century crown molding, costume wear, and royal charades. In totality, the collection offers jackets, pants, dresses, and jumpsuits. The centerpieces of the fall/winter 2013 collection stand in the 16th century inspired jackets, all of which are seamed with the finest velvets and paisley textiles.

The pair is now gearing up to do a presentation of the collection on August 24th in Philadelphia. They are optimistic to share the new line with buyers, upscale boutiques, and stylists. Following the fall/winter presentation, K. Nicole will resume with trunk shows and continue to get people just as excited as they are about the brand. To stay up to date with K. Nicole, follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter @knicolecouture.What’s your inspiration as a fashion designer?
Nicole: Our inspiration behind our line is the idea of a line that’s accommodating to the woman who appreciates sophisticated style. We are inspired by things all the way from 16th century fashion to what the corporate woman desires.

What can you most compare your style to that’s already in the fashion world?

Kera: Our line is very unique and is filled with timeless pieces. Our line is comparable to 16th century fashions or royal charades. We tried to mimic robes with the finest embellishments and detail.

In five years, what would be the vision for your designs?

Nicole: Five years from now, K. Nicole will be a household name. The line will be known for its hard-to-find textiles and high quality tailor. The line will always produce a collection that is inspired by something unique. This fall/winter collection had a lot of 16th century appeal but five years from now we want to shock the fashion world again with yet another innovative idea.

Is there a certain demographic that you see your designs fit for?

Kera: The line is definitely catered to the woman who appreciates high end style. It’s a mix of ready-to-wear and couture so definitely the more mature woman can appreciate the collection.

How long has this been your dream, and what sparked it?

Nicole: We were inspired to start the line after Kera had become a regular customer at my boutique in South Philly. She always came in to request custom pieces. After a while, it was so apparent that we needed to start a line together. So we just went with it.

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