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Arm Candy By Chyna

When I first saw this line of jewelry, I fell in love with the colors, textures, names, and charms. I also loved the saying Chyna put after everything “Beads and Blessings”. We became twitter friends and  we have become very competitive via Words With Friends lol.

I have watched Chyna and her love of beads grow via social media networks and I have fallen in love with not only the jewelry, but Chyna as a person. Arm Candy By Chyna has blossomed into way more than “arm candy”.

I got a chance to talk to Chyna soon after the launch of her new website because I wanted to know more about how it all came to be.

Check it out below:

How do you come up with the names for your pieces? 

-Each name is inspired by the elements, colors and mood I’m in! Sometimes I’m really serious and focused. Often times, I’m uber relaxed and free spirited. The names definitely are created when I see a finished product.

How did you come up with the name for the website? 

– Initially when I started thinking of a business name, I wanted it to be fresh and catchy and easily abbreviated, since nowadays we gravitate to shorthand in the social networking arena. And, I also wanted the letters/abbreviations to reflect two important initials, that of mine and my fiancé. He plays a major role in the birth and behind the scenes in the AC world. (Alfonzo “Renny” and Chyna)

With all the different “arm candy” makers out there, what sets ‘Arm Candy by Chyna’ apart from them? 

-We pride ourselves in telling stories! When your accessories reflect your personal “walk”, it makes that much more of statement.

In addition, handcrafting and handpicking is not our source of living. This is what we love to do. So, there’s a lot of thought, love, time and prayer that goes into the process. It’s not solely about making money. It’s more about helping people to tell their story, make a strong statement without using words and look fly doing it!

Continue to dream dreams. But, one day, wake up and do something. – Chyna

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