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  • The Grapevine: Did Bambi Place A Hit Out on Brooke Bailey?

The Grapevine: Did Bambi Place A Hit Out on Brooke Bailey?

  • by Yoey
  • 8 Years ago
  • 3

The season may be over for Basketball Wives but the drama continues. It has been said that everyone has been cut from the show except for Draya (who I adore) and Jackie Christie.

Wednesday afternoon Brooke posted a picture on IG of a message she received from one of Bambi’s old  “friends” telling her to watch her back because Bambi is recruiting young girls to beat her up, and she’s offering to pay.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in five days but Brooke has the proof.

Brooke posted this pic from the ex-friend and said:


This is the life that y’all about? Throwing drinks and hiding y’all hands? I ain’t never had to pay nobody to do my dirty work. I catch all my own fades and I don’t speak on shit I can’t deliver. On my turf I stay strapped and when I’m not in my streets I still got me!!! This is the lamest shit ever. Shout out to the young lady who sent me this. Your a leader and not a follower!!!! SMH!!!

She went on to say:

I must be #Winning … #ShineBrightLikeaDiamond

Trust it’s believable!!! Y’all don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. I just don’t say shit because bitches aren’t relevant to me!!!!

But it seems Bambi is denying it saying:

I’m outta here bruh … The attention these hoes seek and try to drag me into. I’m jus tryina beat up tow truck drivers wit my friends


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3 Comments Already

  1. Brooke is winning bc that’s her REAL HAIR! lmbo

  2. Big ups to Brooke for holding her own. Reality TV drama is for the birds.

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