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I have been hearing more and more about this event called House of the Young (HOTY) as the months roll by. What started out as a small event where young local artists could come and express themselves, has turned into a major monthly event. I haven’t had a chance to get to experience one yet, but tonight (Nov 16) is a must because one of my favorite local rappers, Paasky, will be performing along with many other great local artists.

I caught up with the Founder of the event, Edward Buckles, to ask a few questions and get some background info on the event:

When did House of the Young first start?

Well, House of the Young wasn’t known as House of the Young at first, it was first called “Sounds of the People.” The movement started in February 2011, that was when I had my first event. It was dedicated to Black History Month and we had all types of African American artwork displayed around the venue by all local artists, including a table with all African American sneakers from Air Jordan’s to Patrick Ewings; it was pretty dope. We had a pretty good turn out considering that it was our very first event. Why we change the name from Sounds of the People to House of the Young? “House of the Young” sounded more of a title for our situation and style; 95% of the people that attend our events are ages 17-23. Even though people of all ages are welcome to attend, we wanted to make it known that this was an event “for the young and by the young.” 

Is House of the Young every Friday?

No, it’s not every Friday. We try to leave time in between our events for anticipation. We want our supporters to look forward to coming back; if it’s every Friday, there’s nothing to look forward to. Like clubs, people skip club nights because they know that they can just go the following week, sometimes even the following day. We’re not trying to be like clubs. We don’t want our supporters skipping any shows, and most of the time they will not, because they don’t know when the next event will be. 

What type of crowd is it focused towards?

The young, conscious, open minded, artsy, creative, rejected, misfitted, “cool”, “lame”, and talented individuals. That’s only some of the types of people that we direct our shows to. The show is open to anyone who enjoys and respects raw artists and their arts. 

Be looking out for more coverage on this event.

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