Throwback Thursday / Bally Animals / Everybody put your Bally’s on

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  • 9 Years ago
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Bally is one of these brands which have been on the market for generations. Founded in beautiful Switzerland in 1851 by brothers Fritz Bally and Carl Franz, Bally shoes had their humble beginning in the basement of the family-owned home.

Bally shoes have remarkable craftsmanship and great wearability. They are characterized by soft leather that makes them extremely light yet comfortable.

The Swiss dress shoe maker, Bally, crafted one of the best vintage tennis shoes of all time when they manufactured the Bally Animal. These shoes featured a train of walking animals etched into the side of the shoe’s sole creating a design like no one in the sneaker industry had seen before. The impact of these early 1990’s shoes upon New Orleans rappers was so huge that even in the late 2000’s they were being name dropped by Lil’ Wayne.

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“LIVE FAST DIE FLY” Nick Reed is not the typical New Orleans native. Even with an B.A. in Journalism and Creative Writing from Xavier University, it has been said that he was always different. Through fashion and creative writing Nick has always found a way to express himself. He is the owner of So Authentic promotional group and was a former Editor-in chief of the Xavier Herald. Over the past few years he and partner Yoey Yo have developed My HELL OF A LIFE and GFC clothing brand in hopes to change the world. Their main goal is to just make the world a little more fresh.

38 Comments Already

  1. everytime I see these shoes in my mind I hear REEEECoOoOoLaaAAAa ….

  2. I am looking to purchase a few pairs of the animal ballys red white and black size 10 if u have any info could u email it to me with prices and shipping info thank u for ur time

  3. Im looking to purchase all colors of the animal ballys in a size 11

  4. Im looking to purchase some animal ballys in size 13 in colors navy, and brown if u can help me out please respond thanku

  5. i would like to purchase the brown and green animals ballys size 13 and if you have those can u email me with price..thank you

  6. I would like to purchase the yellow and brown animals ballys size 11 and if you have those pls email me with price Thank you

  7. Hey Baby, I really been looking for these shoes. I need the red, black, brown, and green in a size 8. Can u please email me with the info for them. Please and Thank You!!

  8. I’m sorry, I’m looking for the Bally Animals.

  9. I would like to purchase a few pairs of animal print ballys could u please send me the info

  10. where can I buy them!

  11. Let me know if I could get a pair in a size 8

  12. Where can I find bally animals?

  13. I have 4 pairs of them

  14. I am looking to buy a pair of animal ballys send me info

  15. I’m looking to buy about 8 pair of bally animal shoes who knows where can I purchase them at,

  16. I’m from the N.O. I use to have the red high top and low top green and blue one back the 90s.where can I buy them now please email me back

  17. I want to hi tops bally animals all different colors

  18. Hi

    I’m looking to buy some bally animals and bally elmwood. Could u please email me back where i can get these. Thank u

  19. How can I order the bally’s ya dig im out cha in New Orleans ya heard me I need some blue ones playboy

  20. I would like to purchase a pair of yellow animal ballys and a blue pair email mail me to let me know where can I find them

  21. I’m looking for size 9 animal bally. In baby blue or any color. If u know how to purchase some please leave an email.

  22. Hello,i would like to know how i can purchase the animal Bally low,pricing information and pics of the colors you sell.Thank you…

  23. I would like to buy a pair size 8 asap

  24. Where can I find these at???????

  25. I would like to purchase a pair of red and brown low tops size 10.

  26. Where can I find these shoes

  27. I need one pair of every color you have in a size 10…Please contact me with the info. Thanks

  28. Whoa na!! FOR ALL OF YOU IF YA DIDN’T KNOW..The red animals are real because they were kept from back in the G, but the yellow ones and any other animal ballys you find on the web are fake, BECAUSE BALLY STOP MAKING THEM…A LONG TIME AGO, TOWARD LATE 90’S. it’s nothing like the real thang baybeh!! Bally don’t make “Uri” aka animal ballys no mo,,point blank

  29. Oohooh the green 1s with a green & white striped Polo

  30. I would love to know where I can purchase a pair of Balmy Animals, even if knock offs…..dont get no flyer than them.

  31. Yellow red blue ones in a size 13 please let me know where I can find them at as a wedding present for my husband

  32. They’re coming back next month… check the bally website

  33. They will be available at Live at 810 Canal St. New Orleans LA. Release is this Thursday May 4th 2018.

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