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Post Written By Jana Graber 

Winter’s almost over, and with the end of a season comes the beginning of a new one; and a new season means new trends! I’ve scowered all the runway shows from New York to Milan to bring you the most current and wearable fashion trends for the spring of 2013. The new looks are eye catching and flattering to most body shapes, so without any further urdu, these are the Spring 2013 fashion trends!

Bermuda Shorts:

Yes ladies that’s right Bermuda shorts are back in style! This look is flattering on all body shapes and sizes, and I love them because they are easy and comfortable. They can be dressed up with pumps for a night out on the town, or dressed down with tennis shoes or flats if you’re going for a more casual look. The great thing about these shorts is that they can be worn fitted or loosely to either accentuate your curves or hide your problem areas. We all love our short shorts, but let’s be honest they’re not flattering on everyone; Bermuda shorts are, plain and simple!

Black & White Attire:

I know what your thinking…spring means pastels and bright colors. Well…you’re thinking wrong! Well not entirely, but we’ve added a new mix of colors to our usual spring look, bold black and white. For reasons unbeknownst to me almost every designer put an emphasis on black and white for this season, more than any other color mixes or patterns. I like this because it’s very accessible to the girl on the budget. Chances are you already have something black and white in your closet; you just have to find a way to change the look and make it a new ensemble. This is not like last year when the Spring color was mint green, seriously, how many items of clothing do you have in your closet that are mint green?! This is simple, clean and easy. These colors can be pulled off anywhere, from the office to the nightclub; you’ll look effortlessly chic in black & white.

Cutout Clothing:

Now it’s time to get sexy! Cutouts are very in this season, we’ve seen this before, but this season you’ll see a lot more of it. Tis the season to bear a little bit of skin, whether it’s your midriff or your back, playing pic-a-boo with your clothing is the new trend.


Ok, we’ve all seen Kim and Kanye in snapshots wearing leather ensembles and wondered where in the world they were going. Or was that just me? Well, it turns out Kim and Ye were two steps ahead of the game, because leather is definitely in, and not just for winter, this look is rolling into spring with a vengeance. I know it can be a bit overwhelming for us regular gals to pull off an entire leather look, but mixing it up a bit with a leather skirt or vest could take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Sporty Dresses:

A step up from your normal “spring dress” sporty dresses are fierce! They almost remind me of a tennis outfit with a little more pizzazz. These dresses are feminine but sexier than a traditional sundress, with a fitted bodice and an A-lined skirt this look is great for any woman who wants to turn heads.

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