VMA-Related Music Sales Up 41%, ‘Beyonce’ Rises By 181%

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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, broadcast on Aug. 24, spurred a 41 percent gain in VMA-related music in the week ending Aug. 31, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

VMA-related music is defined as songs performed on the show — that were not brand-new or impacted by iTunes’ Complete My Album transactions — and major previously released albums and EPs by the show’s performers.

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The 41 percent hike is notable, as the overall market was up by only 5 percent.

A year ago, in the week after the show, VMA-related music sales increased by a similar 37 percent (while the overall market was up by just 2 percent).

This year’s VMA show — the 31st installment of the awards — featured performances by the likes of Beyonce, Sam Smith, 5 Seconds of Summer and Nicki Minaj. It follows last year’s buzzy show, which included a reunion of ‘N Sync and a twerk-enhanced performance from Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

In total, 1.16 million albums and songs related to the 2014 VMA show were sold in the week ending Aug. 31 (1.05 million songs; 110,000 albums). That’s up compared to the 822,000 VMA-related songs and albums in the week previous (732,000 songs; 90,000 albums).

Among the VMA-performed songs this year, the biggest unit gainer was “Bang Bang,” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Minaj, which increased by 85,000 downloads (to 244,000 for the week — up 54 percent).

The songs performed during Beyonce’s long medley — celebrating her Video Vanguard Award win — saw their sales rise by 155 percent (126,000 downloads sold, up from 49,000 the previous week).

In terms of album sales, Beyonce was also the big winner, as her self-titled album (which was the focus of her performance) earned a 181 percent gain (16,000; up from 6,000 the week previous). That is the largest unit gain and percentage increase among VMA-related albums.

Beyonce’s 10,000 unit gain accounted for nearly half (49 percent) of the overall increase earned by VMA-related albums (just over 20,000). The second-largest gaining album among the VMA performers is Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour, which rose by 6,000 units to 30,000 for the week (up by 24 percent).


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